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ByIacob Pastina
Learn anything. Step by step.
GPT welcome message: Ready to learn something new, step by step? Just say 'more' to delve deeper!
Sample prompts:
Explain quantum mechanics step by step.
Teach me basic coding principles.
Describe the human digestive system in increments.
Begin with simple concepts in economics.
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Knowledge Bites is a GPT that aids in learning a wide array of subjects step by step. It is created by Iacob Pastina and uses the underlying technology of ChatGPT to provide a structured learning experience.

With Knowledge Bites, users can gain in-depth knowledge in diverse areas, from quantum mechanics to basic coding principles, economics, and even the human digestive system.

The user initiates a subject of interest, and the GPT guides them incrementally through the learning process. Knowledge Bites accomplishes learning in a conversational way, launching a sequence of interactive dialogue initiated by the user.

To get started, the user simply requests an explanation on a topic, and the GPT provides a step by step overview of the subject matter. If the user wishes to delve deeper into the specific parts of the subject, they can say 'more', and Knowledge Bites will further elaborate on the information requested.

The tool requires ChatGPT Plus, which signifies that it might involve a subscription-based model for accessing its services. The engaging, easy-to-understand approach of Knowledge Bites makes it stand out as a GPT, transforming learning into a convenient and adaptable process.

It can be used by anyone looking to extend their knowledge base, explore new academic or professional areas, or grasp complex concepts broken down into palatable 'bites'.

It caters to learners on all spectrum, from beginner to advanced levels, making learning a more personalized and interactive experience.


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