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Language app for achieving conversational fluency.
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Univerbal is an AI-powered app that helps users achieve conversational fluency in foreign languages. It offers personalized language courses that enable users to speak about anything in real-life situations.

With 21 supported languages, including English, Spanish, French, and Japanese, users can solve fun real-world quests themed around their interests, practice their verbal and written language skills, and receive real-time feedback on their grammar and vocabulary as they improve their fluency.

Univerball's learning experience is structured and gamified, offering users an engaging way to practice and apply their language skills. The app adapts to each user's skill level and learning style, providing a personalized learning experience that's tailored to their needs.

It is cost-effective compared to traditional in-person language tutors. Univerbal is accessible anytime, anywhere, on the user's mobile phone, allowing them to learn at their own pace.The app is easy to use, and users can customize their topics, creating completely unique conversations in a foreign language.

The creators of Univerbal have developed a language-learning community on Discord, where users can offer feedback, participate in regular events, and request new features.

Univerbal offers a convenient way for users to learn a language through natural conversation, addressing the boredom associated with traditional language-learning methods.

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Pros and Cons


21 supported languages
Personalized learning courses
Real-world quests
Interactive, gamified learning
Real-time feedback
Customizable learning topics
Available anytime, anywhere
Affordable learning alternative
Community on Discord
Unique conversation creation
Speak about anything
Adapts to skill level
Structured learning experience
Natural conversation approach
Instant grammar feedback
Instant vocabulary feedback


No offline mode
No desktop version
Limited to 21 languages
Gamified learning not optional
Relies heavily on community feedback
No detailed learning path
App tailored feedback, not human
Не translated website
No certified language tests
Limited to real-life scenarios


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How can I get started with Univerbal?
Do I need to know some level of the language to start learning with Univerbal?
Is the Univerbal app easy to use for beginners?
What kind of learning pace does Univerbal support?
How can Univerbal help me achieve conversational fluency?

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