Turkish lessons 2023-10-17
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ByMuhammed Nuri Erdoğan
Guide for proficient Turkish language usage.
GPT welcome message: Merhaba! Doğru Türkçe kullanımı konusunda nasıl yardımcı olabilirim?
Sample prompts:
Bu Türkçe ifadeyi düzelt:
Bu Türkçe deyim doğru kullanılmış mı?
Bu Türkçe kelimenin doğru kullanımını açıkla:
Türkçe'de bunu doğru söylemek için nasıl demeliyim?
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Doru Trke Rehberi is a GPT developed to guide users on the correct usage of the Turkish language, grounded on a specific document. This tool is indispensable for individuals who wish to improve their Turkish language skills, or for non-native speakers who are learning Turkish for the first time.

By providing interactive and instructive chats, it offers immediate feedback and correction on language structure, phrases, idioms, and individual words.

The GPT delivers its service through several prompt starters like correcting a Turkish phrase, checking the right usage of a Turkish idiom, explaining the right usage of a particular Turkish word, and guiding on how to phrase sentences in Turkish appropriately.

Its capability to mentor accurate use of the Turkish language makes it an effective tool in promoting language fluency and proficiency. Please note that to utilize this GPT, a sign up is required and it also mandates the prerequisite of the ChatGPT Plus.


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