Duolingo Max
Science-based personalized language lessons.

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Duolingo is a language learning tool that offers courses in over 30 different languages. The courses are designed to be fun and effective with bite-sized lessons based on science.

The tool offers personalized learning based on the user's level and pace using a blend of AI and language science. The courses provide reading, listening and speaking skills to ensure a comprehensive learning experience.

The tool is free to use, with an option to remove ads and support education through the Super Duolingo version. The tool offers game-like features, challenges and reminders to help the user stay motivated and form a habit of language learning.

Duolingo is available on mobile and web platforms and offers a convenient and flexible way to learn a language anywhere, anytime. The tool also offers free teacher tools to help students learn languages through the Duolingo app in and out of the classroom.

Duolingo also offers an English test, which is fast, affordable and accepted globally, using AI and the latest assessment science.


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