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Science-based personalized language lessons.
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Duolingo is a language learning tool that offers courses in over 30 different languages. The courses are designed to be fun and effective with bite-sized lessons based on science.

The tool offers personalized learning based on the user's level and pace using a blend of AI and language science. The courses provide reading, listening and speaking skills to ensure a comprehensive learning experience.

The tool is free to use, with an option to remove ads and support education through the Super Duolingo version. The tool offers game-like features, challenges and reminders to help the user stay motivated and form a habit of language learning.

Duolingo is available on mobile and web platforms and offers a convenient and flexible way to learn a language anywhere, anytime. The tool also offers free teacher tools to help students learn languages through the Duolingo app in and out of the classroom.

Duolingo also offers an English test, which is fast, affordable and accepted globally, using AI and the latest assessment science.


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Apr 4, 2024
Unfortunately it only teaches LAtin American Spanish not Castillian Spanish as spoken in Spain

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Pros and Cons


30+ languages offered
Science-based lessons
Personalized learning experiences
Reading, listening, speaking skills
Free to use
Ad-free with Super Duolingo
Game-like learning features
Motivational challenges
Flexible learning (anytime, anywhere)
Available on mobile and web
Free teacher tools
Supports in-class and out-of-class learning
Inclusive of English test
Fast, affordable, globally accepted test
Lessons in bite-sized chunks
Proven effective and efficient courses
Tailored lessons based on pace
Fun, engaging exercises
Supports habit formation
Engaging learning mascot
Highly rated mobile apps
Convenient, fast English testing
Super Duolingo for enhanced learning
Structured levels of learning
Globally accessible and accepted
Duolingo for Schools program
Real-world communication skills development
Attractive visual learning interface
Applicable for different learning scenarios
Regular reminders for learning progress
Playful character integration for engagement
Research-backed teaching approach
Productive learning during breaks/commutes
Regular updates on learning progress
Effective for beginners and advanced learners
Duolingo brand trust and recognition
Language lessons made entertaining
Strong community of learners
Easy to track learning progress
Cross-platform synchronization
Regular updates and improvements


Limited advanced lessons
No human interaction
Lacks cultural context
Lacks offline mode
Limited feedback
Ads in free version
Limited language options
Limited speaking practice
Super Duolingo costs


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How does Duolingo Max use science to teach languages?

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