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ByOren J Ferrari
Interactive Spanish tutor adapting to learners' skills.
GPT welcome message: Hola! Let's take your Spanish skills to the next level!
Sample prompts:
What's a simple conversation I can practice in Spanish?
How do you conjugate verbs in the present tense?
Can we have a quiz on basic Spanish vocabulary?
Show me a common mistake beginners make in Spanish.
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Teach Me Spanish is a GPT designed to serve as an interactive Spanish tutor. Its main function aims to adapt to the proficiency level of learners to facilitate their progressive improvement in mastering the Spanish Language.

This GPT is capable of guiding users in their Spanish learning journey with respect to various aspects of the language. It is programmed to assist in a variety of areas such as demonstrating detailed conjugation of verbs in the present tense, suggesting simple Spanish conversations for practice, pointing out common mistakes made by beginners, and conducting quizzes on basic Spanish vocabulary to assess a learner's progress.

With its dynamic approach to learning and its ability to interact in a personalized manner, Teach Me Spanish aims to help users effectively consolidate their Spanish skills.

The GPT leverages the capabilities of AI to provide a flexible and accessible learning experience, making it suitable for anyone who wishes to learn Spanish or enhance their existing language skills.

To access the tool, users must have a ChatGPT Plus subscription.


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Dec 31, 2023
such a great idea! Love it

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