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Practice speaking, reading, writing and listening and improve your learning.
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Languate is a practice platform that helps users improve their language learning. It provides customisable exercises for every major aspect of language learning: listening, speaking, writing and reading. It offers practice in 5 languages.
Keep track of your progress with stats and don't abandon your practice habit setting goals that fit your schedule.

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Apr 13, 2024
not free. supports only few languages.

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Languate was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 9th 2023.

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Pros and Cons


Supports 7 languages
Personalized feedback
Accessible from any device
Privacy-protected communication
Free to use in beta
Tailored conversation responses
Supports language combination
Upcoming native app
Opportunity to practice conversations
Flexible for user goals
Non-storage of messages
Non-storage of voice recordings
Supports convenience of use
Designed for language learners


Limited in Safari
Issues on iOS
Trouble with headphones
No data storage
Unstable during beta
No app available
Only 7 languages supported
Limited user scenario guidance
Missing cost transition plan
No offline mode


What is Languate?
What are the key features of Languate?
How many languages does Languate support?
What is a 'language combination' in Languate?
Can I use Languate on my tablet or mobile device?
What kind of personalization does Languate offer?
Is Languate available only online?
How does Languate protect my privacy?
Are there any limitations to using Languate?
Is there a native app for Languate?
Is Languate completely free to use?
What was Nashi and how is it related to Languate?
If I close the Languate page, will it save my progress?
Why do I experience issues when using Languate in Safari?
Does Languate help with grammar understanding?
Can I practice scenario-based conversations on Languate?
Is there an option to change the teacher's language on Languate?
Does Languate work properly with headphones on?
Does Languate have a beta version I can try?
Who is the creator of Languate?

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