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StudyGPT is an AI-powered study assistant available as a Chrome extension. It is designed specifically for the academic sector and helps students leverage the power of AI for a diverse range of academic tasks.

It is more than just a chatbot and goes beyond traditional study methods and ChatGPT functionalities. The tool offers key features, including instant AI-driven responses to study-related queries, a quiz generator that turns leaning materials into interactive quizzes, a writing assignment assistant that provides advanced AI support including source recommendations, a YouTube summarizer that offers AI-driven summarization of educational content, a document analysis feature offering AI-powered feedback on academic writing, and an academic search feature to easily access AI-curated academic resources.

It is easily accessible as it integrates seamlessly into your browser, providing a hassle-free study experience. StudyGPT uses OpenAI's cutting-edge technology and is accessible in all countries, enabling a wide usage demographic.

Users can benefit from 30 free AI queries every day, with an option to earn more. The tool provides continuous updates for new features to redefine AI-assisted learning.

For any queries or feedback, users can reach out to the support team.


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Feb 29, 2024
it's nice that you have a Summarize button on youtube when you go and have the extension installed. Im not getting sources on articles it gives me however..

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