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Personal tutoring sessions powered by AI.
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Auditutor is an AI-powered tutoring tool that provides support for studying in any subject. The tool adapts to individual learning preferences by using the user's textbooks as a primary reference.

Users access the tutoring session following three steps. Firstly, they upload their textbook in a PDF format. Then, they specify the page numbers of the sections they wish to study.

Lastly, they initiate the tutoring session. With Auditutor, users can have an immersive learning experience with options to ask questions, request summaries, and explore examples, making the learning process interactive.

Auditutor leverages AI to provide real-time responses to questions, which users can ask by speaking aloud, thus making its operation hands-free. This tool aims to transform learning by making it fun and engaging, irrespective of the subject matter of the textbooks.

It also offers a free trial for users to experience AI tutoring across various subjects.


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Pros and Cons


Supports any subject
Adapts to learning preferences
Uses user's textbooks
Interactive tutoring session
Ask questions feature
Summaries request option
Real-time responses
Hands-free operation
Fun and engaging
Free trial available
Specifies study sections
Interactive examples
Teaching based on textbooks
Relevant teaching points
No typing needed
Makes studying exciting
Supports independent learning
Voice recognition enabled
Free first session


Requires textbook in PDF format
Limited to textbook-based teaching
Entirely voice-operated, limits user control
Lacks visual learning options
No option for written communication
Page numbers must be specified
Doesn't support real-life tutoring
No offline functionality
Doesn't handle complex academic concepts
Potentially high error rate in voice recognition


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Does Auditutor offer voice recognition for hands-free operation?
How is Auditutor transforming the learning process?
Does Auditutor offer a free trial?
Can Auditutor be used for any subject?
Can Auditutor create summaries from the textbooks?
How is Auditutor's teaching relevant to my school textbook?
Will using Auditutor cut my study time to minutes?
What steps do I have to follow to start a tutoring session on Auditutor?
Does Auditutor offer any free plans?
What is the process to ask for support from Auditutor?
Does Auditutor make studying less boring?
Can I ask questions aloud on Auditutor?
What subjects can I use the free trial for on Auditutor?
What makes Auditutor's learning experience immersive?

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