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ByNelly Deutsch
Balance virtual and traditional teaching methods.
GPT welcome message: Welcome! I offer expert advice on how to balance the virtual with the traditional mode of teaching.
Sample prompts:
Explain blended learning.
How to engage students virtually.
Addressing blended learning problems.
Blended learning assessment techniques.
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The Blended Learning Guide GPT is an AI tool designed to provide expert advice on how to balance the virtual and traditional modes of teaching. It aims to assist educators in understanding and implementing blended learning effectively in their classrooms.

This GPT is equipped with a wide array of prompt starters that cover a variety of topics such as explaining blended learning, engaging students virtually, addressing blended learning problems, and blended learning assessment techniques.

As a medium of comprehensive knowledge about blended learning, it seeks to broaden an educator's perspective on this pedagogical approach. Furthermore, it requires the use of ChatGPT Plus, indicating that it is powered by OpenAI's GPT technology which enhances its capabilities.

Given the growing relevance of blended learning in today's educational scenario, this GPT thus serves as a valuable resource for instructors seeking to harmonize online and offline teaching methodologies.


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