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The Customize Your Learning tool is a personal course builder and AI tutor designed to provide a tailored learning experience. The tool engages with the user through an interactive conversation, gathering essential details to create a customized course based on their specific needs and interests.

By understanding the user's preferences, the tool aims to deliver a highly impactful and relevant curriculum in their chosen area of interest. It begins by asking for the preferred language for the course.

The tool's dedicated assistant guides the user through the process, utilizing the information provided to create a personalized learning plan. This plan is designed to meet the individual's unique learning requirements, ensuring an effective and engaging learning experience.By leveraging artificial intelligence, the tool is capable of adapting to the user's progress and feedback, continuously improving the course materials and delivery.

This AI tutor function offers personalized instruction and support throughout the learning journey.The Customize Your Learning tool offers a user-friendly and interactive approach to education, empowering individuals to take control of their learning path.

With its ability to tailor courses and provide personalized instruction, it provides a valuable resource for self-paced and individualized learning.


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