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Create interactive courses insanely fast.
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Kroto is a platform for creating and selling online courses rapidly and efficiently. The tool allows users to craft highly interactive courses, facilitating a quick turnaround from course conception to pre-sale.

Its Notion-like editor offers various options to structure content, such as Markdown, videos, code syntax, sandboxes, Figma files, and YouTube videos, creating a customizable learning experience.

Additionally, the platform integrates an AI assistant that assists in every step of course creation, from generating course outlines to landing details, and even entire chapter content.Kroto also includes analytics features to help creators identify areas of improvement and further marketing opportunities.

Furthermore, it allows learners to compile, run code, and submit their code for review directly in the chapter, fostering a practical learning experience.Kroto puts a strong emphasis on course creators - upcoming features will even allow users to integrate courses from Kroto into their own websites.

The platform is also planning to offer integration options with existing CRM systems. Despite the advanced features it offers, Kroto aims to keep the course creation experience simple and swift, therefore making it an appealing tool for content creators.


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Kroto was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 18th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Rapid course creation
Presale feature
Notion-like editor
Markdown support
Video embedding
Code syntax support
Sandbox functionality
Figma files integration
YouTube video integration
Analytics features
In-chapter code compilation
Code submission for review
Website integration of courses
CRM integration
Low complexity
Highly interactive courses
Advanced content structuring
Customizable learning experience
Direct learner engagement
Practical learning facilitation
Multiple content formats
Course outline generation
Landing details creation
Chapter content generation
Marketing opportunity identification
Includes a course marketplace
Future CRM integration options
User-centric design approach
Learning by doing approach
Untethered creativity for courses
Fast course validation
Actionable course analytics
Mobile optimized
Fast checkout
Presell your courses
No monthly fees
Revised content delivery
Allows nesting of components
Conditions rendering support
Lists rendering support
Image addition in course
Course status tracking
Course tickets selling
Built-in CRM
Supports unlimited sales
Email outreach management
Fast course outline generation


No free version
5% sales fee
Limited editing features
No mobile app
Limited CRM integration
No peer review features
No user community features
Doesn't support non-coding courses
Limited branding options


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How does Kroto facilitate a practical learning experience?
Can I integrate Kroto courses into my own website?
Are there integration options with existing CRM systems in Kroto?
How is Kroto designed to speed up course creation?
Can learners compile and run code within Kroto?
Is it possible to submit code for review in Kroto?
How effective is Kroto for quick course creation and pre-sale?
What is the upcoming feature in Kroto allowing users to integrate courses into their websites?
Is the experience of creating a course simple in Kroto?
How will the planned integration with CRM systems work in Kroto?
What advanced features does Kroto offer that other platforms don't?
Does Kroto allow for customization in the learning experience?
How can Kroto aid in identifying marketing opportunities for my course?


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