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YouTube learning: Guided courses, quizzes, certification
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YTClass is an AI-powered tool that enhances the educational experience on YouTube. It enables users to unlock the full potential of YouTube for learning by providing various features.

With YTClass, users can say goodbye to YouTube comments and access a range of educational benefits.The tool offers instant doubt-solving, providing users with the ability to ask questions and receive immediate answers.

It also offers guided learning, helping users navigate through YouTube courses by providing structured content and directions.YTClass includes practice multiple-choice questions (MCQ) to facilitate active learning and test comprehension.

Additionally, users can track their progress as they engage with YouTube courses, allowing them to monitor their learning journey.One of the unique aspects of YTClass is the option to earn certificates upon completing courses.

These certificates validate and recognize users' accomplishments, enhancing their credibility in the subject matter.YTClass covers a variety of course topics, spanning fields such as digital marketing, UI/UX design, video editing, freelance and entrepreneurship, generative AI, photography, productivity, music, drawing and painting, marketing, animation, and dancing.The tool features courses from reputable sources, including universities like Harvard and industry-leading platforms like Simplilearn.

Each course is led by an AI instructor, ensuring high-quality content and delivery.Overall, YTClass provides a comprehensive solution for leveraging YouTube as an educational platform, offering guided learning, doubt-solving, practice quizzes, progress tracking, and certification.

It caters to learners across a wide range of disciplines, making smarter learning accessible to all.

YTClass was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on October 15th 2023.
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