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A French teacher for professional language skills.
GPT welcome message: Bonjour! Ready to learn professional French?
Sample prompts:
How do I write a formal email in French?
Can you correct my French business presentation?
What are some common phrases in academic French?
Teach me professional French vocabulary for finance.
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The Professional French Mentor is a GPT designed to facilitate the learning and improvement of professional French language skills. It leverages the capabilities of ChatGPT to guide users in the mastery of formal and academic French.

This tool is particularly beneficial to individuals seeking a reinforcer or supplement for their ongoing language-learning journey. It is able to assist in the creation of formal emails in French, improving the quality of pre-existing French-toned business presentations, suggesting common academic French phrases, and teaching specialist vocabulary needed for professional fields such as finance.The Professional French Mentor GPT offers prompt starters, including queries like 'How do I write a formal email in French?', 'Can you correct my French business presentation?', 'What are some common phrases in academic French?' and 'Teach me professional French vocabulary for finance'.

These prompts assist in guiding the learning process, precisely tailoring it to the professional needs and objectives of the user. Registration with ChatGPT is required before users can access the Professional French Mentor.

Upon log-in, users are greeted with a 'Bonjour!' and are delivered into a virtual learning environment where they can immediately dive into enhancing their professional French language skills.


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