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Courseau is an education platform that leverages existing content to create interactive online courses using AI. The tool allows users to transform various types of content, such as voice notes, webinars, and books, into premium online courses.

The generated courses can be customized with branding, images, and videos. With Courseau, users can quickly convert their content into courses, eliminating the need for extensive manual editing or publishing.

The AI-powered transcription feature assists in accurately transcribing the content. Courseau offers different pricing plans, including a free plan for personal use and testing, a Mini+Pro plan for adding value to existing output with branded mini-courses, and an Enterprise plan for serial course-creators, companies, and agencies.

The plans vary in the number of mini-courses that can be generated per month, content generation capabilities, editing features, and additional support options.

The tool also offers special partnerships with higher educational institutions to collaborate on advancing learning. In addition, Courseau provides free or reduced pricing for students, educators, non-profits, and those using the platform for not-for-profit purposes.Courseau is designed to simplify and streamline the process of creating online courses by utilizing AI technology.

It caters to a wide range of users, from individuals looking to monetize their expertise to organizations aiming to provide interactive learning experiences.


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Pros and Cons


Transforms various content types
Customizable courses
Brand integration
Includes transcription feature
Varied pricing plans
Free plan available
Special educational partnerships
Free for non-profits
Content to course quickly
Mini+Pro plan
Enterprise plan
No need for editing
Generates multiple lessons
Define learning outcomes
Supports adding images
Supports adding videos
Volume pricing on Enterprise
Content generation capabilities
Generates e-books
Generates email drip campaigns
Upcoming password protection
Branded cover page
Custom integrations on Enterprise
Single to multiple inputs
Courses are fully editable


Unable to edit in free plan
Not detailed course generation
Limited content input
Branding only in paid plans
No password protection
No custom integrations in cheaper plans
Limited number of mini-courses
Expensive Pro and Enterprise plans
Restricted transcription feature


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What are the different pricing plans offered by Courseau?
Is there a free plan available on Courseau?
What additional features does the Mini+Pro plan of Courseau have?
Does Courseau offer any special partnerships or offers?
Can students or non-profit organizations get any discounts on Courseau?
How can existing content like books be transformed into courses on Courseau?
What are the differences between the Free, Mini+Pro, and Enterprise plans on Courseau?
Can I add my own branding to the courses generated on Courseau?
Can content be edited, published or shared on the Free plan of Courseau?
How many mini-courses can I generate per month with each plan on Courseau?
What additional support options are provided by Courseau?
How is Courseau useful for companies and agencies looking to create online courses?
What are some examples of courses generated with Courseau?
How quickly can I generate a course using Courseau?


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