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Assisted mini-course creation with technology.
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The AI Assistant tool by Mini Course Generator simplifies the process of creating mini-courses by using artificial intelligence to suggest titles and outline suggestions based on a provided description.

Once you select your preferences, the tool generates a complete and highly accurate mini-course that you can edit and personalize with questions, images, videos, customized completions, and more.

You have complete control over the mini-course, from title selection to determining the outline, and can guide the AI Assistant to create content that aligns with your vision.

Additionally, the tool provides versatile capabilities to edit and share the mini-course in the same platform, making the entire process seamless. Mini Course Generator offers different options for presenting and distributing the mini-course, such as embedding it on webpages, sharing it with customizable links, using it as lead magnets to collect emails, adding exclusivity to the content via a password wall, and monetizing know-how with a payment wall.

The tool also allows you to enhance the content by adding interaction through quiz and survey questions, customizing appearance according to branding, and adding gateways depending on educational or marketing goals.

Overall, the AI Assistant tool by Mini Course Generator saves significant time and energy by streamlining the process of creating engaging and distinctive mini-courses with the help of artificial intelligence.

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Pros and Cons


Suggests titles and outlines
Generates accurate courses
Personalize with media
Full control over content
Edit and share capabilities
Embed on webpages
Share with custom links
Email lead magnets
Content exclusivity with password wall
Monetize with payment wall
Interactive quizzes and surveys
Customizable appearance
Multiple presentation options
Adds gateways for marketing or education
Access control options
Stripe integration
Add your own titles
Change order of outline
Distributed content on cards
Works as course title generator
Works as course outline generator
Can match your branding
Sense of privilege through exclusivity


Limited content editing options
No multi-language support
Lacks collaborative features
No mobile app available
Content ownership unclear
Uncertain integration capabilities
No offline usage
No custom branding
Limited payment options
No live support


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