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Create personalized training with AI.
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Coursebox AI is a fully customizable white-label Learning Management System (LMS) leveraging artificial intelligence to enhance personalized training and learning.

The platform intuitively recognizes skill gaps and employs AI to design tailored learning content within a short timeframe. The e-learning experience is constructed to align specifically with the knowledge and skills that the learner is lacking in their role, providing a highly targeted and engaging learning experience.

To support seamless training, Coursebox AI allows full branding, offering branded mobile apps for both iOS and Android platforms, to complement physical learning.

The platform enables managers to easily group employees into focused training programs to streamline onboarding and monitoring processes. It provides insights into key metrics like engagement and learning progress, assisting decision-makers to optimize team development and productivity.

In addition to using Coursebox AI as a standalone system, it can be integrated with existing LMSs through LTI and API integrations, upholding the benefits of AI-generated personalized training.

Coursebox AI has features to permit the sale of training services and supports online transactions for learners worldwide. Their package includes constant customer support and aid from a dedicated customer success manager for smooth sailing.


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Pros and Cons


Fully customizable LMS
Identification of skill gaps
Creates tailored content
Highly targeted learning
Full branding support
Branded mobile apps
Facilitates focused training programs
Streamlined onboarding
Learning progress metrics
Seamless LMS integration
Supports online transactions
Dedicated customer success manager
Supports training services sale
Supports both iOS & Android
Enhanced user engagement
Boosts team productivity
Quick content design
White-label platform
Zapier automation
Advanced reporting system
Custom theme feature
Domain name setup
Advanced Newsfeed & Newsletters
Custom Onboarding
Events & Resources support
Membership sale option
1-1 Messaging
Personalized Mobile-Friendly Training
Monitor Employee Productivity
Course or Subscription Sales
API and LTI integrations
Integration with other apps (Zapier)
24/7 support
Secure SSL & backups
Course prerequisites pathways
Course Hosting
Courses create in minutes


Language limitations
Personalization limitations
Data privacy issues
No offline access
Integration issues
Limited mobile functionalities


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Does Coursebox AI offer mobile learning solutions?
How does Coursebox AI identify skill gaps in learners?
Can Coursebox AI provide personalisation in e-learning?
What platform branding capabilities does Coursebox AI offer?
Can I sell my training courses using Coursebox AI?
What are the key metrics Coursebox AI provides for monitoring learners' progress?
How does Coursebox AI facilitate employee onboarding?
Can Coursebox AI enhance team development and productivity?
Does Coursebox AI support online transactions for global learners?
What customer support does Coursebox AI provide?
Does Coursebox AI offer any solutions for effective manager oversight of employee training?
Can I customise the content and structure of Coursebox AI courses using AI?
How scalable is Coursebox AI for eLearning and training?
Can I utilise Coursebox AI for creating a unique mobile learning experience with my own branding?
How user-friendly is Coursebox AI for course creation and management?
What are the pricing options for Coursebox AI?

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