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ByFrancis Gorman
Structuring online courses, formulating lectures.
GPT welcome message: Hi! Ready to structure your online course or craft a lecture?
Sample prompts:
Help me structure a course on
What's the best way to teach
I need information on
How do I develop a lecture about
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GPT Course Creator is a GPT that assists in structuring online courses and formulating lectures. It is a valuable tool for educators who aim to create informative and structured coursework.

Beyond assisting in creating the skeleton of an online course, it also helps in developing individual lectures. The GPT Course Creator's functionality goes beyond merely organizing content.

It is tailored to help craft pedagogically sound courses. The GPT seeks to refine the teaching process, aiming to optimize the ways of imparting knowledge.

The tool provides suggestions and guidance based on prompt starters such as 'Help me structure a course on', 'What's the best way to teach', 'I need information on', and 'How do I develop a lecture about'.

Users are able to initiate a conversation based on these prompters, and the GPT Course Creator navigates the course creation process succinctly. Whether you are an educator looking to digitize your educational content or a course creator exploring new subjects, the GPT Course Creator can help you build effective teaching materials.

Please note that this GPT requires ChatGPT Plus for usage.


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