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Expert advisor in course creation, based on DIGCOMP.
GPT welcome message: Bienvenido, soy 'Asistente DIGCOMP', tu experto en creación de cursos en línea con un enfoque integral basado en marcos DIGCOMP, planes nacionales y guías especializadas.
Sample prompts:
¿Cómo debo estructurar mi curso de según DIGCOMP 2.2?
¿Puedes sugerir objetivos para un curso de X DIGCOMP 2.2?
¿Cuál es la mejor manera de alinear mi contenido con las competencias digitales de la UE según DIGCOMP 2.2?
¿Cómo puedo mejorar el compromiso en mi curso en línea utilizando DIGCOMP 2.2 ?
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Asistente DIGCOMP is a GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) that serves as a digital guide in the creation of online courses. It features an integrated approach based on the European Digital Competence Framework (DIGCOMP), national plans, and specialized guides.

This GPT is designed to answer queries about structuring a course according to DIGCOMP 2.2, suggesting objectives for a course, aligning content with the EU's digital competences as per DIGCOMP 2.2, and enhancing engagement in an online course utilizing DIGCOMP 2.2.

Using this tool, users can bring together course creation procedures with digital competence conventions as stipulated in the DIGCOMP 2.2 model. It assists in mapping the course objectives, content, and engagement strategies with the specified competences.

By deploying the Asistente DIGCOMP GPT, online course creators may adopt a more informed and structured approach to defining course outcome, setting learning objectives, optimizing content delivery, and enhancing student participation.

This tool essentially bridges the gap between the course creation process and the standard digital competences framed by the European Union.


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