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Enhanced learning and studying aid for students.
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Studyquick is an AI-driven tool designed to support students in their learning efforts by offering various features tailored to academic needs. The platform aims to reduce the learning effort for students, providing efficiency in exam preparation through AI-generated learning sheets, mock exams, and an interactive AI lecturer capable of answering questions based on uploaded materials.

Key features include an AI learning sheet generator that processes university scripts, readings, and exercise sheets, producing tailored learning materials for upcoming exams. The tool emphasizes efficiency by eliminating the need for manual filtering of important information and enabling on-the-go learning via mobile devices.

The platform introduces a personal AI lecturer that users can engage with by uploading materials and asking questions. This feature allows for customization and engagement with the AI, further enhancing the learning experience.

Studyquick also facilitates the summarization of live events, such as lectures and seminars, through the upload of video and audio recordings. The tool transcribes these recordings and generates corresponding learning sheets, minimizing knowledge gaps and optimizing study time.

The platform offers a centralized cloud-based database for storing scripts, readings, and recordings, providing convenient access to study materials from anywhere, including mobile devices.

Studyquick's upcoming features include AI-generated mock exams and a course podcast, adding further dimensions to exam preparation and passive learning through audio content. The platform caters to a range of study programs, including social sciences, linguistics, cultural studies, law, and economics, making it versatile for students in various disciplines.
Studyquick was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 1st 2023.
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