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Repeto is a comprehensive all-in-one artificial intelligence (AI) tool designed to enhance the learning process for students and self-learners. The platform provides smart ways for users to learn material including AI-supported essays, practice material generation, and the analysis of papers.

Unique features of Repeto include the Brainstorm function which facilitates the visualization of concepts from study material. The AI chatbot integrated into the platform can interact with users, answer questions related to their documents and explain images from the document.

The chatbot also suggests relevant follow-up questions to further engage the learners. Additional functionalities include the provision for quizzes, note-taking, and creating summaries which learners can use to their advantage.

Repeto also accommodates multi-lingual documents, providing its services in over ten different languages. Users have the flexibility to customize their own layout from six presets according to their preferences.

The AI assistant of Repeto can work with sets of documents held in folders, explaining the relations between these documents and searching information across multiple documents simultaneously.

Used by learners across universities worldwide, Repeto works towards reinventing traditional learning methods, aiming at a more personalized, adaptive, and interactive learning process.


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Pros and Cons


Practice material generation
Paper analysis
Brainstorm function
Document-related questions
Image explanations
Follow-up question suggestions
Quiz provision
Note-taking functionality
Summary creation
Multi-lingual support
User layout customization
Relation explanation between documents
Information searching across documents
Interactive learning
Adaptive learning
Worldwide usability
Visualisation of study concepts
Chat with entire folders


Limited layout customization options
Limited to ten languages
Integration with only certain document types
Dependent on document quality
Potential issues with multilingual accuracy
No mobile compatibility mentioned
No offline mode mentioned
Limited interactive elements
Lack of advanced quiz features
No video materials support


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Can Repeto search information across multiple documents simultaneously?

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