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Use AI to organize your materials into structured lessons.
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Study Like Pro is an AI-driven service designed to assist users in creating structured, high-quality training courses. The tool offers a variety of features that aim to enhance the organization and transformation of raw materials into coherent and structured lessons.

These features include a user-friendly text editor that facilitates the drafting and saving of work, as well as an AI component that helps reorganize and streamline materials for course creation.

A unique aspect of this tool is its 'lessons history' function that allows users to access previous versions of their documents, providing a useful means of tracking changes and restoring older versions of content.

In addition to these features, working in Study Like Pro equips users with practical tools for comfortably working with notes and assisting with information structuring.

While the service aims to assist with organization and streamlining, it does not rewrite the original content but instead provides means for better organization.

Making work faster and more comfortable is central to the service's ethos, with speed emphasized as a key deliverable. The tool is developed by Oscar Studio, with Oleg Maslov as the Backend Team Lead, Nikita Shumeiko as the Frontend developer, and Oscar Studio serving as Support Consultant.


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Pros and Cons


Creates structured training courses
User-friendly text editor
Speeds up course creation
Doesn't rewrite original content
Helps with note management
Improves material structuring
Includes 'lessons history' feature
Allows restoration of older versions
Supports tracking of changes
Optimized for speed efficiency
Facilitates comfortable working conditions
Streamlines raw educational material
Emphasized fast and easy use
Team of expert developers
Flexible and practical in use
Doesn't interfere with thought process
Aids in content transformation
Designed by Oscar Studio
Support Consultation available
Access previous document versions
Frontend and Backend development distinction


Doesn't rewrite original content
No multilingual support mentioned
Single platform developers
No mobile app mentioned
No offline mode mentioned
No collaboration features
No API for integrations
Unclear speed performance metrics
Requires text input
Not open-source


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