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Pocket Hansei is a personal assistant AI tool that provides instant answers by connecting users to trusted and well-sourced topics such as renowned books, research papers, reliable articles, and trending information.

With Pocket Hansei, users can subscribe and ask questions, receiving well-researched answers in return. The tool aims to empower users by offering access to a vast universe of knowledge on various subjects.Pocket Hansei is designed to enhance learning and expand knowledge.

Users can select a subject of interest and immediately access a wide range of information related to that subject. The AI tool allows users to simply type in their questions and receive answers from credible sources.The tool offers different pricing plans to cater to individual and professional needs.

Users can choose between the Lite, Plus, or Prime plans, which provide varying numbers of questions and access to different topics.Pocket Hansei supports multiple languages, though it currently primarily supports English since sources and topics are primarily uploaded in that language.

However, users have the flexibility to add sources in any language of their choice and recommend them for inclusion in the topic.Privacy protection is prioritized, and Pocket Hansei employs industry-standard encryption to secure user data in transit and at rest.

Users also have the option to delete their data from the servers.For further support or to request custom topics, users can reach out to the Hansei team via their contact form or Discord channel.

Enterprise/custom plans are available for organizations, and users can schedule a meeting to discuss their requirements.


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