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ByHasegawa Reina
Generating Japanese words for learners within specified ranges
GPT welcome message: Welcome to Japanese Dictation! Specify a hiragana range to begin.
Sample prompts:
Generate 10 words from あ to は hiragana.
Create Japanese words using い row hiragana.
List nouns from さ to な hiragana range.
Provide Japanese verbs within た to は range.
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Japanese Dictation is a GPT developed by Hasegawa Reina as a language learning tool for students endeavouring the Japanese Language. The tool is designed to generate words within user-specified hiragana ranges, aiding learners in the comprehensive understanding and application of their learned hiragana sets.

The basis of this function lies in the expansiveness of hiragana's intrinsic phonetic nature, thereby illustrating its precise application in creating Japanese words.The usability of this tool is versatile as it allows learners, based on their proficiency and comfort, to dictate the range within which they would like the words to be generated.

This can vary from a single row of hiragana characters to a more expansive scope of them. The hiragana ranges can be as small as from '' to '', or even a specific single row such as ''.

Furthermore, learners can also request it to provide specific types of words such as nouns or verbs within a chosen hiragana range, offering an insightful method to deepen the understanding of grammar and vocabulary alike.While ChatGPT is required to utilize this tool fully, the customizability offered by Japanese Dictation is an excellent addition to any learner's toolkit.

The generated Japanese words serve as an interactive way to exercise language proficiency and gradually acquaint oneself with the intricacies of hiragana.

By focusing on one subset of characters at a time, learners can progressively build their vocabulary and fluency.


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