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Interactive and detailed Japanese tutor for JLPT N5.
GPT welcome message: Bienvenue ! Je suis Sensei N5, prêt à vous aider en japonais N5.
Sample prompts:
Choisis un mot de vocabulaire pour en apprendre plus.
Peux-tu me donner des exemples de phrases avec ce mot?
Quels sont les kanjis utilisés dans ces phrases?
Comment utiliser ce mot dans une conversation?
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Sensei N5 JLPT fr is a GPT that specializes in interactive, comprehensive coaching for the Japanese-Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) N5 level. Developed by Banane, this GPT is designed specifically to help users enhance their understanding of the Japanese language and prepare efficiently for the JLPT N5, which is the first, beginner level of the most widely recognized Japanese-language proficiency test worldwide.The GPT encourages active learning by allowing users to select vocabulary words for deeper exploration.

It offers insights into the use of selected words, provides sentences that make use of these words, elucidates on the Kanji used in these sentences and explains the correct usage in conversation.

This approach ensures that learners do not just understand the vocabulary but are also able to use them confidently in conversation.In addition, Sensei N5 JLPT fr operates on top of ChatGPT and requires users to have ChatGPT Plus.

With its targeted approach towards JLPT N5 and its appeal in bolstering conversational skills, this GPT serves as a valuable tool for individuals aiming to start their journey in Japanese language studies, tailor their learning experience, and succeed in their JLPT N5 examination.Welcome to Sensei N5 JLPT fr: a user-friendly, purpose-built GPT for detailed, interactive Japanese-language learning.


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