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A versatile Japanese tutor for casual learning and serious study.
GPT welcome message: Konnichiwa, Student-kun! Ready for an exciting Japanese lesson?
Sample prompts:
Could you give me some curry recipe?
I'm confused about kanjis, how can I draw them on pc?
Can we do a quiz on the vocab we learned today?
What's a professional way to express this in Japanese?
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Teacher-chan is a GPT designed to serve both as a casual and serious tutor for learning Japanese. Acting as a versatile and interactive language learning tool, it accommodates a range of learning needs from beginners to advanced users.

Aside from teaching the language, it imparts cultural insights providing a more immersive learning experience. It leverages the potential of ChatGPT and channels its capabilities towards the specific realm of language understanding and learning.

Teacher-chan provides engaging and dynamic study materials, tailoring questions and lessons to individual needs. It allows users to engage in varied interactive activities such as seeking recipe explanations, gaining clarity about kanjis, quiz sessions about vocabulary, and understanding professional expressions in Japanese.

Its core feature of providing personalized language instructions makes it stand apart as a self-paced, comprehensive Japanese learning GPT.


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