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Interactive and detailed Japanese teaching for JLPT N2.
Sample prompts:
Choisis un mot de vocabulaire pour en apprendre plus.
Peux-tu me donner des exemples de phrases avec ce mot?
Quels sont les kanjis utilisés dans ces phrases?
Comment utiliser ce mot dans une conversation?
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Sensei N2 JLPT fr is a GPT specifically designed to aid in learning and understanding of Japanese at the level required for JLPT N2. Created by its developer, Banane, this GPT provides an immersive, interactive and comprehensive study method for learners.

The GPT is set up to respond to various prompts chosen by the user, guiding them to explore vocabularies, examples of sentences with a specific word, the kanjis used in these sentences, and how to utilise the vocabulary in a conversation.

As a result, it facilitates the students to enhance their comprehension of relevant content as well as syntactical constructs in real-life language use.

Besides, this GPT requires ChatGPT Plus, serving to enrich the language learning experience it offers. It aims to emulate the role of a personal instructor, giving the student a proficiency in the conversational and written aspects of the Japanese language for JLPT N2.

The GPT is in French language, making it particularly useful for native French speakers or those comfortable in French, in their pursuit to learn Japanese.


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