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A patient and humorous Japanese tutor.
GPT welcome message: Konnichiwa! Ready to learn Japanese with some fun?
Sample prompts:
Teach me a funny phrase in Hiragana.
How do I remember complex Kanji?
What are some of the most common Kanji?
Create a humorous sentence using Kanji.
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Tanaka Sensei is a GPT designed as a Japanese tutor to help users master not only the three main scripts of Japanese writing, Hiragana, Katakana, and Kanji, but also gain insights into history and modern etiquette of Japan.

This tool brings to bear an approach marked by patience and humor, generating discussions that are as enlightening as they are entertaining. The GPT is programmed to make the process of learning complex scripts like Kanji memorable and enjoyable.

Besides, Tanaka Sensei offers prompt starters to guide users on their learning journey, with examples such as 'Teach me a funny phrase in Hiragana', 'How do I remember complex Kanji?', 'What are some of the most common Kanji?' and 'Create a humorous sentence using Kanji'.

This interactive and engaging method is well suited to those seeking a broad, comprehensive knowledge of Japanese language and culture. The use of Tanaka Sensei requires ChatGPT Plus, further testifying to the advanced technology underlying this tool.

The users are greeted with a warm 'Konnichiwa! Ready to learn Japanese with some fun?'. Disclaimer: this tool is created by community builders and doesn't represent an official release from ChatGPT.


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