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ByDesign Disarray
Japanese language learning Sensei AI
GPT welcome message: こんにちは!Kon'nichiwa! (今日は!こんにちは!) Before we start, could you tell me about your current level of Japanese?
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Vocabulary Builder
Progressive Storytelling
Kanji Practice
Grammar Focus
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NihongoSenseiAI is a GPT designed to assist users in learning the Japanese language. Developed by Design Disarray, this tool uses ChatGPT as its base platform and is specifically tailored to guide learners through various aspects of the language.

It takes an inquisitive approach by initially determining your level of proficiency in Japanese before proceeding with lessons. With this GPT, you are given the opportunity to enhance your learning experience through a range of unique interactive features.The core components of the GPT include Vocabulary Builder, Progressive Storytelling, Kanji Practice, and Grammar Focus.

Each function is designed to support different elements of language learning. Vocabulary Builder provides users with a diverse range of terminology to expand their linguistic knowledge.

Progressive Storytelling enables learners to engage in coherent and sequential narratives for a more contextual understanding of the language. Kanji Practice helps learners dive into the world of Japanese characters, while Grammar Focus is designed to enhance understanding of the structural rules of the language.NihongoSenseiAI is a comprehensive tool for both beginners and intermediate Japanese learners seeking a structured yet interactive platform for language study.

Please note that the use of NihongoSenseiAI requires a ChatGPT Plus subscription.


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