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Language learning with tutoring, grammar correction.
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SpeakAI is an AI-powered language learning app that allows users to immerse themselves in spoken languages. It offers support for multiple languages, including Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean, French, German, Italian, and Spanish, allowing users to expand their global communication skills effortlessly.

The app provides scenario-based courses that help users master dialogues and conversations in various real-life situations such as everyday conversations, business interactions, and travel experiences.One of the key features of SpeakAI is its advanced AI tutor powered by OpenAI, which guides users through their language learning journey.

The tutor provides personalized learning paths and interactive exercises that adapt to the unique needs and pace of each user, enhancing their learning experience.The app also offers real-time grammar correction, providing users with immediate feedback and personalized grammar suggestions to improve their language proficiency.

This feature helps users identify and correct grammatical errors, ensuring accurate and polished spoken language skills.Additionally, SpeakAI offers a real-time mode, providing users with a dynamic and interactive environment to engage in conversations with virtual partners and native speakers.

This helps users improve their pronunciation and fluency.SpeakAI provides a selection of over 100 voices for users to choose from, allowing them to find the perfect fit for their language learning journey.

The app aims to create a joyful learning experience by offering voices that resonate with users and make the language come alive.Overall, SpeakAI is a comprehensive language learning app that combines AI technology with immersive learning experiences to help users learn and practice spoken languages anytime and anywhere.


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Pros and Cons


Supports multiple languages
Scenario-based courses
Personalized learning paths
Interactive exercises
Real-time grammar correction
Real-time conversation mode
Over 100 voices
Dynamic, interactive environment
Immediate feedback and suggestions
Improves pronunciation and fluency
Accurate language skills
Joyful learning experience
Adapts to user's pace
Ideal for global communication
Master real-life situations
Perfect for business interactions
Good for travel experiences
Speak with virtual partners
Engage with native speakers
App usable anytime, anywhere


No offline usage
Limited language options
No language level assessment
Limited to spoken language
No practice with real tutors
May lack cultural context
No clear progress tracking
No sign language support


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What options of voices does SpeakAI offer?
How can SpeakAI improve my pronunciation and fluency?
Does SpeakAI provide feedback for improved language proficiency?
Does SpeakAI work well for learning languages for travel?
What platforms is SpeakAI available on?
Do I need an internet connection to use SpeakAI?
How do I start with SpeakAI?
Can I practice real-life scenarios with SpeakAI?
How does SpeakAI create a personalized learning path?
Does SpeakAI provide interaction with native speakers?
What makes SpeakAI different from other language learning apps?

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