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GPT welcome message: Hello! Ready to learn a new language?
Sample prompts:
Let's go, let's start beginner mode (level 2)
Let's go, I'm intermediary (level 5)
Let's go, I'm a FREAKING OG (level 10)
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Lingo Buddy is a GPT developed by Slite France, designed to assist in language learning. Its primary function revolves around supporting users to master a new language at various levels, from beginners to high-end proficiency.

The tool integrates with ChatGPT and its operation requires a ChatGPT Plus subscription.Upon initiating interaction with the tool, users are welcomed with a message that prompts readiness towards language acquisition.

It offers various modes of language learning, representing different skill levels. Users can select beginner mode (level 2), intermediary mode (level 5), or if they feel extremely confident, they can choose the 'FREAKING OG' mode (level 10).

Each of these modes is specifically tailored to correspond with the user's understandability, comfort, and familiarity with the language. Thus, users are able to enhance their linguistic competency at their own pace, promoting a customized learning experience.

Overall, Lingo Buddy is a versatile language teaching assistant tool providing a systematic, engaging, and personalized approach to language learning.

It appeals to all learning styles and language skill levels, facilitating a convenient and stimulating learning environment for users.


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