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Friendly bot for efficient TOEFL speaking practice
GPT welcome message: Hi there! Let's jump right into TOEFL speaking practice!
Sample prompts:
Can you provide a TOEFL speaking question?
How can I improve my grammar in speaking?
What are the key criteria for TOEFL speaking?
Evaluate my response for TOEFL speaking.
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TOEFL Speaking Coach is a GPT designed to assist users in preparing for the speaking section of the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL). It serves as an interactive platform where users can practice speaking tasks specific to the TOEFL test format and receive immediate feedback.

The GPT aids in enhancing users' speaking skills by offering direct test-related questions and then supplying detailed feedback on their responses. The functionality includes helping users improve their grammar in speaking, providing insights into key criteria for TOEFL speaking, and even potentially evaluating user responses to improve their performance.

This GPT requires connection to ChatGPT Plus to function optimally. It is an effective tool for language learning, particularly for those preparing for the TOEFL test and seeking to hone their speaking skills in a targeted, efficient, and responsive manner.


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