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Assessed English fluency & pronunciation for learners.
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ELSA Speech Analyzer is an AI-powered conversational English fluency coach that listens to your speech and provides you with immediate feedback. With ELSA, you can practice and improve your English, pronunciation, intonation, fluency, grammar, and active vocabulary in the comfort of your own home.

ELSA Speech Analyzer is used by professionals and global learners to improve their conversational English. It is designed to evaluate and give feedback on your English pronunciation and fluency so you can speak English like a natural.

ELSA Speech Analyzer can be used for self-assessment, group conversations, presentations, meetings, interviews, and other practice sessions. It provides users with real-time feedback and offers a detailed analysis of your performance.

ELSA Speech Analyzer is trusted by executives, team leads, test takers, students, and opportunity seekers. It is also available to organizations so they can provide their team with the tools they need to succeed.


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ELSA SPEECH ANALYZER was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on November 20th 2022.
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Pros and Cons


Assesses English fluency
Immediate feedback
Can be used anywhere
Ideal for self-assessment
Helpful for presentations
Great interview practice
Useful in group conversations
Real-time feedback
Detailed performance analysis
Trusted by professionals
Beneficial for students
Supports organization learning
Can record meetings
Supports pace and intonation
Works with various accents
Grammar feedback
Vocabulary expansion
Helpful in exam preparation
Syncs with calendar
Integration with online meeting platforms


Requires Javascript enabled
No Mobile App
No Multilanguage Support
No Offline functionality
Cannot record group conversations
Limited platform compatibility
Noisy environment impacts performance
Limited to English learning
Doesn't support multiple user profiles
Needs constant internet access


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Can I use ELSA Speech Analyzer for group conversations?
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Does ELSA Speech Analyzer work with presentations and meetings?
Can I use ELSA Speech Analyzer for interview preparation?
Does ELSA Speech Analyzer require JavaScript to function?
Can organizations use ELSA Speech Analyzer for team training?
What kind of feedback can I expect from ELSA Speech Analyzer?
Does ELSA Speech Analyzer offer real-time feedback?
Does ELSA Speech Analyzer provide practice sessions or just evaluation?
Is ELSA Speech Analyzer compatible with online meetings on Zoom or Google Meet?
Do I need a specific browser to use ELSA Speech Analyzer?
Does ELSA Speech Analyzer provide feedback on grammar and active vocabulary?
Is ELSA Speech Analyzer trusted by executives and students?
Can I use ELSA Speech Analyzer to review my English pronunciation?
How does ELSA Speech Analyzer work with my online meetings?
How does ELSA Speech Analyzer evaluate my pace and intonation during a presentation?
Can ELSA Speech Analyzer help me prepare for English exams?



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