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Personalized language learning aide.
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DilGPT is a next-generation personalized AI chatbot designed to assist users in mastering different languages. It offers various language learning features, including AI-powered text correction, translation between languages, and speech recognition with a text-to-speech option.

The tool aims to enhance the language learning experience by providing real-time corrections to messages, allowing users to practice their language skills in a conversational setting.

Users can choose the language they want to learn and their native language from a selection of five alternatives. DilGPT also offers the ability to generate text messages using a microphone and listen to them using text-to-speech technology.

This tool has received positive feedback from users who have found it useful in their language learning journey. Teachers praise its ability to make homework preparation more manageable, while professionals highlight its effectiveness in improving communication skills in different contexts.

DilGPT offers multiple subscription plans, each with different features and pricing options. The tool is continuously evolving with new features being added, such as voice-based chatting, speaking practices, and automated conversational difficulty.

DilGPT's blog provides additional resources and insights into language learning, including topics like the usage of AI in language learning, the future of language learning, and embracing cultural diversity.

Overall, DilGPT aims to provide personalized language learning experiences, real-time feedback, and opportunities to practice language skills in daily life.


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