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ByInes Bouteldj
Guiding Arabic speakers to fluent English writing.
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Sample prompts:
Is this phrase correct in English?
How can I say this in English?
Can you spot errors from direct Arabic translation?
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Arabic Scribe is a dedicated GPT that aims to assist Arabic speakers in writing English more fluently and naturally. The tool is designed to guide users in avoiding direct translation errors that are commonly encountered when writing in a language that is foreign to the user, in this case English.

Acquiring proficiency in a new language often involves overcoming the challenge of rectifying translation mistakes. This is where the Arabic Scribe GPT comes into play because it is tailored to identify and correct these typical errors.

For its functionality, Arabic Scribe requires the use of ChatGPT Plus. The GPT can provide users with a significantly smoother translation experience by employing prompt starters, which are queries like 'Is this phrase correct in English?', 'How can I say this in English?', or 'Can you spot errors from direct Arabic translation?'.

With such interactive features, Arabic Scribe not only enhances the user's translation accuracy but also contributes to improving their overall English writing skills.

Thus, any Arabic-speaking individual aiming to write English more fluently and naturally can find immense value in using the Arabic Scribe GPT.


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Arabic Scribe was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 9th 2024.
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