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English Guru is a GPT that operates on the ChatGPT platform. It serves as a concise English pronunciation mentor providing an engaging and efficient way of learning and improving English pronunciation.

English Guru is designed to make English learning accessible and interactive. The tool offers instruction not only in pronunciation but also in sentence improvement and grammar checking, thereby promising to enhance English language proficiency as a whole.

The English Guru GPT not only focuses on the teaching part but also on the execution part by initiating conversations with the learners to implement what they have learned.

Prompt starters such as 'Improve my sentence', 'Check my grammar', 'Teach me pronunciation', and 'Start a conversation with me' can be used to interact with it, presenting a user-friendly manner to facilitate efficient learning.

As a tool developed by LOW PAU EK, it is accessible upon signing up and requires ChatGPT Plus. Overall, the English Guru GPT offers a comprehensive approach to language learning by focusing on both theoretical and practical aspects of English communication.


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English Guru was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 5th 2024.
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