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Communication editing for professional contexts.
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SoundBetter is an AI tool designed to help users communicate professionally. It is integrated with Slack and Telegram, enabling users to quickly and easily use slash commands and direct messages to convert their messages into more formal, professional language.

The tool is free to use and is ideal for anyone who struggles to express themselves professionally in the workplace, such as team leads who need to terminate a subordinate’s employment.

With SoundBetter, users can take their original message and edit it to be more suitable for a professional context, without losing the meaning or sentiment of their message.

This helps them maintain a good impression while speaking up.


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Feb 28, 2024
Website link is broken :((

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SoundBetter was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 9th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Integrated with Slack and Telegram
Converts casual to formal language
Ideal for professional contexts
Free to use
Helps in maintaining professional image
Preserves original message sentiment
Suitable for team leads
Supports slash commands
Offers direct messaging
Provides example use cases
Live Slack app
Product Hunt featured
Available on multiple platforms
Facilitates workplace communication
SoundBetter Bot for easy access


Limited to Slack and Telegram
No direct web access
Potential loss of personalization
Requires internet connection
Auto-generated text unpredictability
Limited language support


What is SoundBetter?
How does SoundBetter help in professional communication?
What platforms is SoundBetter integrated with?
How do I use SoundBetter on Slack?
How to use SoundBetter on Telegram?
Is SoundBetter free to use?
Who can benefit from using SoundBetter?
Can I use SoundBetter for sensitive conversations like job terminations?
Does SoundBetter change the meaning or sentiment of my message?
Does SoundBetter maintain my personal style while editing?
How does SoundBetter ensure that only I see my original input?
What is the slash command for SoundBetter in Slack?
How do I start a direct message with SoundBetterBot in Telegram?
Can SoundBetter be used by businesses of all sizes?
Can SoundBetter help me sound more professional in my workplace communication?
Are my texts secure and private when using SoundBetter?
Can I use SoundBetter on other platforms like WhatsApp?
How does SoundBetter work with different languages?
Are there examples of before and after results using SoundBetter?
Can I provide feedback or request new features for SoundBetter?

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