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ByNine Recursion
Transforms messages to be professional and tone-neutral.
GPT welcome message: Hello! I can help rewrite your messages to be more professional and tone-neutral. Send me a message to transform.
Sample prompts:
Rewrite this email to be more professional:
Please make this message tone-neutral:
Adjust this text to remove any hostility:
Can you edit this to be workplace appropriate?
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Polite Pen is a GPT developed by Nine Recursion. This AI tool is specifically designed to convert messages into a professional and tone-neutral format.

It's primarily targeted at individuals or businesses that want to maintain professionalism and neutrality in their text communications. Polite Pen's functionality is executed through ChatGPT, which means it requires a ChatGPT Plus subscription to use.

As an effective language moderator, this GPT intends to remove any hostility or inappropriate sentiments from your text and provide a version that's suitable for workplace discourse.

It is ideal for rewriting emails, messages, or any form of text communication demanding professionalism and a neutral tone. Users interact with the tool by sending a message, with prompt starters such as 'Rewrite this email to be more professional' or 'Please make this message tone-neutral'.

Polite Pen then transforms the supplied content, aiding in maintaining a respectful, non-confrontational tone across correspondences. Its core function aligns with the growing demand for digital tools that assist in establishing effective, professional communication, thus ensuring a more conducive working environment.


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Polite Pen was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 14th 2023.
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