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Enhance your performance with our AI-powered teleprompter app.
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EasySpeak is an AI-powered teleprompter tool designed to enhance speech delivery and video creation experience. It serves as a platform for scripting content, aiming to eliminate unnecessary filler words and maintain speech synchronization.

The tool allows customization of text size for improved readability based on surroundings. EasySpeak also features an AI-assisted scriptwriting system designed to overcome writer's block and generate compelling scripts.

The AI generates fresh script concepts, freeing the user to focus on delivering engaging and impactful content. Beyond creation, the tool facilitates the sharing and exporting of videos.

Users can share and export their content universally across devices and platforms, customizing the video resolution to meet specific needs. Offline sharing and showcasing of videos is also supported.

EasySpeak offers the flexibility of incorporating your own scripts or leveraging the AI-powered scriptwriting feature for a seamless video creation process.

Compatible with most devices, including smartphones and tablets on iOS or Android platforms, EasySpeak enables users to transform their script into a visual piece and share it, helping them inspire an audience effortlessly.


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EasySpeak was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on April 16th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Overcomes writer's block
Generates fresh script concepts
Facilitates content sharing
Facilitates content exporting
Cross-device compatibility
Customizable video resolution
Offline video showcasing
Supports user's own scripts
Customizable text size
Readability based on surroundings
Eliminates filler words
Maintains speech synchronization
Compatible with iOS, Android
Transforms script into video
Real-time speech scroll adjustment
Scripts can eliminate distracting words
Resolution fine-tuning
Free from tool watermarks
Video download capability
Easy video sharing


No browser compatibility
No mention of multi-language support
Numerous upsells
No offline script creation
No real-time editing feature
No collaboration feature
No desktop app


What are the key features of EasySpeak?
How does the AI-powered scriptwriting feature of EasySpeak work?
What customization options does EasySpeak offer for the text display?
Is EasySpeak compatible with both iOS and Android platforms?
Can I use my own scripts with EasySpeak?
Does EasySpeak support offline sharing and exporting of videos?
How does EasySpeak facilitate speech synchronization?
Can EasySpeak help me to eliminate filler words from my speech?
What kind of scripts can the AI generate with EasySpeak?
Can I customize the video resolution on EasySpeak?
Is it possible to have the AI and my own script coexist in a single video on EasySpeak?
Does EasySpeak allow real time modification to the speech scroll speed?
How does EasySpeak help overcome writer's block?
How do I share my videos across devices and platforms with EasySpeak?
What are the pricing plans for EasySpeak?
What is included in the lifetime EasySpeak plan?
What is the process of script creation with EasySpeak?
What is EasySpeak Script Credit and how can I use it?
Can I share my videos form EasySpeak directly to my social media profiles?
How does EasySpeak assist in enhancing my public speaking skills?

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