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Your personal AI-driven speaking assistant.
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Spellar AI functions as a personalized speaking assistant driven by artificial intelligence. Its primary mission is to enhance users' speaking skills and boost their confidence.

Spellar AI gives real-time recommendations to help users improve their communication abilities. The tool integrates seamlessly into a user's daily routine and can be adopted for various speaking scenarios, including professional meetings or personal language practice sessions.

Its capabilities extend to English coaching, offering precise feedback on pronunciation, grammar, and clarity, customized to individual needs. One unique feature is the apps ability to provide automatic meeting summaries tailored to specific interactions.

Spellar AI also identifies speaking pace and highlights filler words in real-time. This beta version uses different colors to indicate if your speech pace is good, too fast, or too slow.

Aside from assisting with speaking, it also provides personalized recommendations that can help users refine their speaking style, whether aiming to sound more professional or friendly.

In every interaction with Spellar AI, privacy is a top priority, with users maintaining full control over their information. The AI is positioned to leave a lasting impression on users' spoken communication by personalizing feedback to their individual needs.


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Spellar AI was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 5th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Personalized speaking recommendations
Real-time speech feedback
Integrates into daily routine
Uses in various speaking scenarios
English coaching capabilities
Pronunciation, grammar, clarity feedback
Automatic meeting summaries
Identifies speaking pace
Highlights filler words
Speech pace color indicator
Refine personal speaking style
User data control
Improves communication abilities
Encourages professional and friendly communications
Personalized English learning
Filler word detection
Tailored feedback for individuals
Language practice capabilities
Speech clarity analysis
Speaking proficiency booster
Speed of speech feedback
Mac compatibility
Strong privacy protection
Valuable on-the-spot suggestions
Precise English-speaking feedback
Customized meeting summaries
Caters to individual needs
Recommendations to sound professional
Helps boost user confidence
Contributor to self-improvement
Lasting impression on communication
Supports sound friendly
Effectively integrated into life
Offers real-time recommendations
Boosts speaking proficiency
Enhances English speaking skills
Enhances speaking skills


Only for English coaching
No offline version
Beta version limitations
No multilingual support
Limited to speaking improvement
No text-based feedback
No robust API
Integration capabilities unclear
Real-time recommendations not customizable
Only available for Mac


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Can I control my information while using Spellar AI?
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How can Spellar AI aid in boosting my confidence while speaking?
Does Spellar AI work well for public speaking scenarios?

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