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Patient and humorous English practice teacher.
GPT welcome message: Hello! I'm Ela, ready to practice English with you!
Sample prompts:
Let's talk about your favorite hobby in English.
How was your day? Let's discuss in English.
Can you tell me about a book you've read recently?
Describe your ideal vacation destination.
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Ela is a Generative Pre-training Transformer (GPT) designed to assist with English language practice. As a user-friendly educational resource, Ela uses patience and even humor to promote a conducive learning environment.

The GPT is conversational, thereby enabling users to practice English within a relaxed chat framework. Ela's inputs, such as the open-ended prompts about one's favourite hobby, recent books read, or ideal vacation destinations, help foster meaningful discussions.

Ela can be utilized to not only improve English conversational skills but also enhance vocabulary and grammar in a practical, interactive manner. It asks users to describe various scenarios and engage in diverse topics which can help Improve English comprehension and expression.

Users can sign up to chat and start their interactive English learning journey with Ela; however, the use of Ela requires ChatGPT Plus. Ela is fundamentally a language learning tool, offering an engaging way to practice English in a conversational format.


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