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ByYuefeng Zhao
I'm your English speaking coach for improvement.
GPT welcome message: Hello there! I'm Twiggy, ready for some fun English chat?
Sample prompts:
Hi Twiggy!
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AiLingo is a GPT designed to support, encourage, and help individuals improve in their English speaking and communication abilities. It adopts a conversational approach to aid in enhancing language proficiency.

Through an engaging exchange, the GPT simulates real-life dialogue, granting users the opportunity to practice and refine their English language skills within a friendly and stress-free environment.

Baseball on the offerings of ChatGPT, AiLingo diversifies the experience, transforming the process of language learning into a more interactive one. Operating under the welcoming alias 'Twiggy', the GPT initiates fun English chats with users, facilitating a warm, fun, and interactive atmosphere that promotes language learning.

Whether the user is a beginner looking to learn basics, or an intermediate aiming to polish their proficiency, AiLingos wide range of conversational scope can cater to different levels of English speakers.

Users can start a conversation with 'Hi Twiggy!', thus prompting a dialogue that contributes to their continuing language development. AiLingo offers an approachable, interactive tool for language learners seeking to improve their English prowess, making the learning process enjoyable and rewarding.


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AiLingo was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 17th 2023.
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