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ESL SpeakWise 2.1 is a Generalized Pre-training Transformer (GPT) designed for teaching and enhancing English language skills, particularly in the context of English as a Second Language (ESL) learning.

This GPT facilitates practise in English comprehension and communication without incurring costs, making it a budget-friendly tool for ESL students. It focuses on improving students' English communication and writing skills by providing an interactive platform that assists them in their learning process.

This tool analyses text and provides an opportunity for students to practice and improve their English proficiency by interacting with AI technology. This is done by enabling learners to engage in comprehensive written dialogues, which are saved for future references.

However, the tool requires subscription to ChatGPT Plus for successful operation. The platform has been developed by Romeka Solutions, a firm noted for creating practical AI tools for various user needs.


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