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Your English teacher! Let's chat.
GPT welcome message: Hello! Excited to chat and help you with English.
Sample prompts:
What music do you enjoy?
Tell me about your favourite weekend activity.
Have you been to any interesting places recently?
What's your go-to cafe in London?
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Better English is a GPT developed with the purpose of assisting users to improve their English proficiency. It operates as an interactive tool that engages the user in conversations in order to enhance their communication skills in the English language.

Built on the foundation of ChatGPT, Better English is presented as an AI-powered English teacher, available to assist users at any time. It is designed to promote conversational English proficiency in a user-friendly and versatile manner.

The tool, upon every interaction, begins with a welcome message, creating an amicable environment for learning. It uses various prompt starters for initiating conversations.

These prompts cover a wide array of topics such as music preferences, favourite weekend activities, interesting places visited and even individuals' favourite cafes in London.

This interactive approach not only helps the users to learn English but also encourages them to express their thoughts effectively in English. The stimulating nature of the AI-chat promotes English learning in a fun, relaxed and engaging way.

Overall, Better English is an efficient tool for individuals looking to improve their English language skills through regular immersive conversation.


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Better English was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 4th 2024.
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