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Tailors English learning to your pace.
GPT welcome message: Welcome to English Level Up! Ready to practice some English?
Sample prompts:
How's your day going?
Tell me about a book you've read.
Can you describe your hometown?
Discuss your favorite hobby.
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ChatParrot is a Generative Pre-training Transformer (GPT) tool designed specifically for tailored English learning. Leveraged on the capabilities of OpenAI's ChatGPT, this GPT tool focusses on personalizing the learning experience to meet the unique language acquisition needs of the user.

The purpose of ChatParrot is to offer an approachable, accessible, and adaptable platform for practicing and improving English language proficiency. It features a range of interactive prompt starters to facilitate engaging conversations and to foster a practical language learning environment.

These prompt starters include general enquiries about the user's day, their reading habits, descriptive exercises, and prompts urging users to discuss their interests and hobbies.

The tool initially welcomes the users with a warm welcoming message, 'Welcome to English Level Up! Ready to practice some English?', setting the stage for a user-friendly English learning experience.

A key requirement for this tool is the ChatGPT Plus subscription which facilitates access to its advanced features. To utilize the services of ChatParrot, users would need to sign up, creating an accessible platform for continuous English language practice and improvement.

As the tool is community-built, it is expected to foster a welcoming and assisting learning environment, beneficial for novice learners and those seeking to improve their English language skills alike.


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