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Analysis and correction of written grammar.
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Gramara is an AI-powered grammar checker that helps users write with fluency and clarity. It can be used to upgrade grammar, diction, and style, and is available in multiple languages.

Gramara can be used to auto-highlight incorrect or awkward words and translate poor English to more fluent and natural sentences. It even allows users to choose their writing style and tone of voice and can translate corrected sentences into their native language.

Gramara is free to use and offers a Terms of Service and a Privacy Policy. It is made in Canada by Vectica Systems Ltd.


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Gramara was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on March 1st 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Multiple language availability
Auto-highlight incorrect words
Translates poor English
Allows style and tone selection
Translates corrected sentences
Free to use
Privacy Policy included
Terms of Service provided
Identifies awkward words
Improves fluency and clarity
Offers language-specific corrections


Needs Javascript enabled
No mobile app version
Limited tone choices
No offline mode
Lacks plagiarism checker
No API integration
No multi-user support
Lacks specific style guides
Limited languages for translation
No community/user forum


What is Gramara?
How does Gramara help improve my writing?
Which languages does Gramara support?
How does Gramara auto-highlight incorrect words?
Does Gramara offer translation services?
Can I choose my writing style and tone of voice using Gramara?
Is Gramara free to use?
Who developed Gramara?
Does Gramara have a terms of service and privacy policy?
Can Gramara translate corrected sentences into my native language?
What makes Gramara different from other grammar checking tools?
Is Gramara effective for non-native English speakers?
Does Gramara offer anything other than grammar correction?
How does Gramara help users write with fluency and clarity?
Can I use Gramara without enabling JavaScript?
Does Gramara provide any writing insights or analysis?
Is there any limitation on the amount of text that I can check with Gramara?
What's the process to start using Gramara?
Does Gramara need to be downloaded or installed?
What types of mistakes can Gramara detect and correct?


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