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PaperRater is an online tool designed to proofread and rate written works such as essays and papers. This tool focuses on detecting and correcting grammar and spelling errors within the text as well as checking for plagiarism.

Furthermore, it provides a rating system for the quality of writing. In addition to these core features, PaperRater offers a variety of supportive resources on grammar, writing, and spelling.

This tool's extensive detection capabilities and additional resources make it a comprehensive solution for writers seeking to enhance the precision and originality of their work, while also providing useful feedback on their writing quality.

PaperRater uses advanced cookies and other tracking technologies to understand user interactions with the tool and to deliver content and ads relevant to the user's interests.

Despite its advertising partnerships, PaperRater respects the users' data privacy and offers various choices on data usage and consent.


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PaperRater was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 25th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Proofreads and rates texts
Grammar and spelling correction
Plagiarism detection
Quality rating system
Supports writing improvement
Resourceful on grammar and writing
Enhances precision and originality
Provides useful feedback
Advanced user interaction tracking
Tailored content delivery
Respects user's data privacy
Various data usage choices
Diverse educational tool
Content quality assessment
Free online tool
Detailed cookie declaration
User-friendly interface
Responsive customer support


Online-based only
Uses advanced cookies
Complex data privacy policy
Dependent on advertising partnerships
Profiling and user interaction tracking
No apparent customization options
Limited to essays and papers
May have biased rating system
No offline availability
Issues with data consent clarity


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How does PaperRater use cookies and tracking technologies?
How can I control my data usage on PaperRater?
Does PaperRater support languages other than English?
What kinds of written works is PaperRater designed to proofread?
Does PaperRater provide any discount for students or educators?
Can PaperRater handle large documents for proofreading?
Do I need to sign up for an account to use PaperRater?
Is PaperRater suitable for editing professional documents?
Is PaperRater a free tool or does it have premium features?
What is PaperRater's stance on advertising partnerships?
How frequently does PaperRater update its grammar and spelling checks?
What are the system requirements to use PaperRater?
Can I use PaperRater on my mobile device?
Does PaperRater have a customer support service for user queries?


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