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ByMarkas Giniotis
Grammar correction expert for non-native English speakers.
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Grammar Guide is a GPT developed for the specific task of improving English grammar. Targeting non-native English speakers, it's designed to analyze language usage, sentence structure, and other pertinent factors, offering necessary corrections to enhance the communicative quality of the text and ensure linguistic accuracy.

Users can interact with Grammar Guide through direct prompts, posing questions or requests about different sentences. Some of the prompt starters include 'Correct this sentence for me:', 'How can I improve this sentence?', 'Make this sentence grammatically correct:', and 'Is this sentence correct in English?'.

It's a practical tool that serves as an accessible and real-time grammar tutor helping users improve their English writing skills. To access Grammar Guide, users need to be signed up to ChatGPT Plus, as this GPT operates over the ChatGPT platform.

The application of Grammar Guide extends beyond personal use to encompass academic, professional, and other sectors where proper English grammar is of essence.

It is user-friendly and can help non-native speakers confidently write in English by addressing their grammar concerns.


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