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Expert proofreader and grammar checker, accurate to conventional linguistic standards.
GPT welcome message: Hello! I'm here to help you with grammar. Just type in your text!
Sample prompts:
Correct this sentence for me:
How can I improve the grammar here?
Is there a grammatical error in this text?
Help me rewrite this sentence for better clarity.
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GrammarGPT is a GPT designed with expertise in proofreading and grammar correction. Conforming to standard linguistic rules, this tool provides users with a comprehensive check and accurate suggestions for grammar, syntax, and style in their texts.

Its main function revolves around reviewing, correcting, and enhancing the grammatical structure of inputs given by users. The tool is built within ChatGPT, necessitating a ChatGPT Plus subscription for users.

To start interacting with the tool, users simply need to input the text they want proofread. The GPT will swiftly analyze and illustrate where improvements can be made, providing suggestions and corrections to enhance sentence clarity and coherence.

The prompt starters like 'Correct this sentence for me:', 'How can I improve the grammar here?', 'Is there a grammatical error in this text?', and 'Help me rewrite this sentence for better clarity' enable users to navigate the tool effectively, receiving specific guidance based on their requirements.

GrammarGPT is a beneficial application for writers, editors, and anyone needing assistance or wanting to improve their writing skills. Embedded within the ChatGPT framework, GrammarGPT streamlines the proofreading process, contributing towards enhancing textual accuracy and readability.


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GrammarGPT was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 16th 2023.
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