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Web text editing: improves grammar and style.
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SuggestCat is an AI-based plug-in for modern web-based text editors, including ProseMirror and TipTap. It automatically detects grammatical and stylistic errors in the text and provides suggested corrections.

Additionally, it offers AI-powered suggestions, transformations, and translations for selected text. Users can try it out directly with ProseMirror in order to see the grammar corrections, which are highlighted in green.

By clicking on the corrections, users can view and apply them easily. SuggestCat is developed by Emergence-Engineering, a software development company based in the EU, and it is worth mentioning that their top developer is Aaron.

The key features of SuggestCat include an admin dashboard for managing the plug-in, grammar correction functionality, AI suggestions, and an upcoming feature called AI text tone analysis.

To use SuggestCat, simply include the plug-in in your preferred text editor, and it takes care of the rest. ProseMirror and TipTap are currently the supported editors, with more options on the way.For further assistance or inquiries, users can reach out to the SuggestCat team through their website or join their Discord server.

SuggestCat is developed and maintained by Emergence Engineering, and all rights are reserved under their ownership.


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SuggestCat was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on August 21st 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Works with ProseMirror and TipTap
Automatic grammar correction
Style improvement suggestions
Text transformations options
Text translations options
Integrated admin dashboard
Easy application of corrections
Updates highlighted in green
Supports modern web editors
Upcoming support for more editors
Developed by reputable company
Direct interaction with devs via Discord
Quick integration into text editors


No API provided
Limited to few editors
No offline usage
Doesn't support multiple languages
No version control
Developer dependency (Aaron)
No mobile application
No user community
Not fully open-source


What is SuggestCat?
What are the core features of SuggestCat?
What text editors is SuggestCat compatible with?
How do I use SuggestCat in my preferred text editor?
How does SuggestCat highlight and correct grammar errors?
What are the AI suggestions provided by SuggestCat?
Can you provide more information about the admin dashboard feature in SuggestCat?
Who has developed SuggestCat?
What upcoming features are there in SuggestCat?
Does SuggestCat offer translation features?
What does the AI text tone analysis in SuggestCat do?
How does SuggestCat's text transformation function work?
How can I contact the SuggestCat team for support?
Is there a way to try out SuggestCat before committing?
Who is Aaron, the developer mentioned in relation to SuggestCat?
How often is SuggestCat updated, and how are these updates implemented?
Are there any user manuals or guides available for SuggestCat?
Is SuggestCat geared towards any particular type of text, such as academic or technical writing?
What makes SuggestCat different from other grammar checking tools?
Where is SuggestCat's development team based?


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