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BySatoshi Kume
Reviewing and correcting English texts with balance.
GPT welcome message: Hello! Ready to review your text for any errors.
Sample prompts:
Check this email for errors.
Is this sentence grammatically correct?
How can I improve this paragraph?
Please review this document for clarity.
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Linguist Lens is a GPT designed to review and correct English texts, maintaining a balanced tone throughout. The tool is devised to ensure improved clarity, correctness, and effectiveness of English writing.

Built on top of ChatGPT, Linguist Lens uses advanced language understanding capabilities to identify any potential areas of improvement in provided texts.

It can give feedback on a variety of text types, ranging from individual sentences to entire documents, and provide suggestions for enhancing clarity and grammatical correctness.

As the GPT requires ChatGPT Plus, it leverages enhanced dialoguing functionalities, further enhancing language review capabilities. Linguistic Lens's utility extends to a multitude of applications like email drafting, academic writing, professional documentation, and any other instance where error-free, clear written communication is required.

The tool welcomes users ready to review their text for errors and even offers several prompt starters, such as 'Check this email for errors', 'Is this sentence grammatically correct?', 'How can I improve this paragraph?', and 'Please review this document for clarity'.

With Linguist Lens, users can both polish their English texts and learn from the feedback to improve their language skills over time.


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Linguist Lens was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 21st 2023.
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